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In Good Company- Larry Morrissey

Larry Morrissey

Photograph by Nels Akerlund Photography + Video

Chicago Rockford International Airport
2 Airport Circle, Rockford 

Larry Morrissey remembers his hometown of Rockford as a place where he spent summers knee deep in muddy water, catching frogs and lugging his golf clubs around a local golf course. He also knew he'd return one day to serve as a community leader.

"I remember when former Rockford mayor John McNamara came to school and gave a speech about making a difference in your hometown," he says. "I took that message to heart."

Morrissey graduated from Boylan Catholic High School in 1987, where he finished in the top 10 of his class, served as senior class vice president and voted most likely to become U.S. president by his peers. Morrissey went on to graduate magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame and received his law degree from the University of Illinois. He began his legal career in Chicago, and returned to Rockford to practice at the family firm, Morrissey Law Offices.

After an unsuccessful bid to become mayor in 2001, Morrissey won in 2005 and is currently serving his third term.

Without question, the demands of running the city are difficult. There are educational, public safety and economic development issues to contend with, among others. But Morrissey sees his public service as a personal commitment, not only to his community, but to his family: wife, Stacy, and their children.

"I can't be a good mayor if I'm not a good father and husband first," he says. "I enjoy working on fundamental issues that are important both for me personally and the community. I'm honored to have a vocation that I'm so passionate about."

(Written by Paul Arco) 

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