Rockford Chamber VOICE Article - August 2016
New Events and Promotions Keep the Momentum Going
By Josh Albrecht

It’s always important to never rest on your laurels, to keep finding and discovering ways to improve yourself or your business. And that is exactly what is happening in our region as organizations and businesses continue to cook up new ways to promote what is going on in the region.
Here is a sample of three new events headed our way …

1. Rockford Day 8.15 -- The new community events is plain and simple: “Rockford Day, held on August 15 (or 8.15) is a new celebration brought to you by Rockford Community Partners. It's a day that highlights the many great places, activities and people throughout our city through fun and interactive experiences. Rockford Day aims to showcase the people, places and things that make Rockford great, and to introduce people to some of Rockford's best kept secrets.” The event is a fun way for local businesses and organizations to show their community pride (as 815 is the primary area code for the Rockford area), and to add some spice to a typical Monday. Already, more than 20 Rockford businesses have joined the fun with specials that are themed around 815. Learn more at

2. The Rock River anything that Floats Race is back this year and the RACVB is happy to be a part of the rebirth of this community tradition. Andrea Mandala, the RACVB Marketing Manager, has been a part of a large group of community leaders that have been meeting for months to plan the RRATFR event for August 21 along a 1.6 mile stretch of the Rock River. Originally launched in 1976, the race was alive through the 70s, 80s and 90s. This year teams can compete with their handcrafted boats in a variety of divisions. In the end, Prairie Street Brewing Company will host the after party. For more details, including how to enter, go to

3. A fun new event hosted by the River District Association is coming to downtown Rockford on Saturday, September 24. Picnic en Plein Air will be an outdoor dining experience like no other as the RDA will host an engaging evening on Water Street near the City Market Pavilion and along the riverfront walking path and Millennium Fountain in downtown Rockford. Showcase the great food of Abreo and the great beer of Prairie Street Brewing Company, the event will more importantly showcase the downtown core in a fun and exciting new way. The picnic-style event will feature live music, and several artists will be on-hand to create original works of art that will be sold as part of a fundraiser for the RDA. Water Street will be lined with picnic tables and decorated with string lights and art to create a dynamic and engaging space for the evening. For more information, go online to

As a city rooted in the maker movement and that prides itself on entrepreneurship, it is no wonder that community groups and organizations keep creating new ways to celebrate the community through engaging community events. The more we create, the more visitors will be attracted to our communities. We are excited for these new events, along with all the upcoming festivals and events that our partners throughout the community host each year. Just another fun way to get our and become a #Rockfordexplorer. Get more information at