Slide the City Looking to Make a Splash in Rockford -- 
RACVB working with SocialTechPop and Slide the City to develop a unique festival in Rockford on Labor Day Weekend

April 17, 2015

Rockford, IL
- The Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is excited to announce that plans to bring Slide the City to Rockford are moving forward. The RACVB has been working with Slide the City, SocialTechPop and the City of Rockford to bring this new festival to the city this summer.

"Our team at RACVB reached out to Slide the City earlier this year in hopes of bringing this new and original event to Rockford," said John Groh, RACVB president/CEO. "We loved the energy, size and scope of the event and felt it would be an amazing compliment to the momentum that has been building throughout the city."

The event is geared to all ages and is built around the summertime tradition of having fun while cooling off, only this time the traditional backyard water slide and toys will be mega-sized.

"Slide the City is taking that childhood experience of playing in the water in your backyard and magnifying it into a great community festival," Jess Loren of SocialTechPop said. "We are excited to bring the slide to the streets of Rockford."

The final details for the event, planned for Labor Day weekend, are still in the works. RACVB, SocialTechPop and Slide the City have met with City of Rockford staff to discuss logistics for the event. Special event permits will be presented to the City Council in May for consideration and approval.

"In seeking out Slide the City, RACVB sought to find and create experiences that help create a dynamic city for the residents in our community," Groh said. "In turn, we hope that this experience draws visitors for the holiday weekend."

Along with the 1,000-foot water slide, the event will feature music, food vendors and much more. Details, including ticket information, will be announced once the City Council gives final approval on the event. Updates on the festival will be posted to,, and

The mission of the RACVB is to drive qualify of life and economic growth for our citizens through tourism marketing and destination development.


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Josh Albrecht, RACVB Director of Marketing & Public Affairs: 815.489.1655 or