Get ready for some lacrosse this weekend, Rockford!

On June 15-16, the Rock River Cup Lacrosse Tournament, organized by NXTsports, will be held at Sportscore Two. This is exciting because it is the first time a lacrosse tournament has come to the Rockford Region! More than 3,000 players (boys from both youth and high school divisions), coaches, and fans are expected to attend.

lacrosse running

If you're not sure how lacrosse is played, the basic concept is similar to soccer or football. However, the players use a stick with a mesh netting to carry and pass the small, tennis-sized ball across the field to the goal. In order to pass and catch the ball, the players definitely require a lot of hand-eye coordination! Once the players pass it back and forth and are close enough to the field end, they attempt to toss the ball into the goal in order to receive a point.

lacrosse kids

If you're like me, you are curious to see what one of these games is like live. There are games throughout the afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday, so grab a chair and head out to watch a game or two! For more information and to see a schedule of the tournament, check out the NXTsports website.