Chenaire Barmore is Go Rockford's Community Engagement Coordinator. He started working for Go Rockford last summer as an intern and eventually made the leap into a full-time role for the past 2 months. He really is the epitome of what you would consider a cheerleader for the region who is driven to do all he can to make our community the best it can be. He is a natural fit for this team and strives to continue being a part of all the great changes and fun things happening here in the Rockford region. Learn about some of the fun things he likes to do outdoors in the Rockford region when he has some spare time. Go Chenaire, Go!

chenaire cre8iv

Q. Why do you enjoy living in the Rockford region and working for the RACVB?

A. Rockford is home for me, and I enjoy being a cheerleader and champion for everything the Rockford region has to offer, this is why I love the team I work with at the RACVB because we all focus on highlighting the beauty and opportunities here.

Q. What is your favorite thing to do/place to explore when you’re not working?

A. When I am not working, I love to explore a lot of the small businesses and restaurants in the Rockford area.

Q. Where is one of Rockford’s hidden gems, according to you?

A. Winnebago County Forest Preserve. It's a great place to get "lost," explore and see nature at its finest.

Q. How do you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors in the region?

A. We spend a lot of time outdoors getting together over the summer months to enjoy each other’s company at some of the many parks in Rockford.

Chenaire golfing

Q. What are you most looking forward to this summer in the Rockford region?

A. Hitting the green to work on my golf game.