Introducing Lindsey Kromm, a Rockford native and Go Rockford's Accounting Assistant. She has been working for the bureau for the past 5 years! She's such a dedicated staff member who works hard and loves to play hard too. When she's not working with numbers she's venturing outside and discovering unique attractions here in our community. She's a fun-loving, adventure seeker and we are so grateful to have her back in the Rockford region living, working and playing here!

Q. Why do you enjoy living in the Rockford region and working for the RACVB?

A. As a “boom-a-ranger” and living in the Chicago suburbs for 6 years,  I’ve come to love my hometown and am proud to call Rockford home. I especially love the people and small town feel, along with the conveniences and opportunities of a big city. I love working for the RACVB because I can share how great this town is with everyone! We do a great job outweighing the bad with TONS of good Rockford offers.