100% local: Here are 5 hand-made gift ideas crafted in Rockford

The holidays are here, and it is the perfect time to shop local! Did you know that there are several businesses in our region who create their very own hand-made items? If you’re looking for some last-minute gifts, we encourage you to support these small businesses and purchase their locally made products. Who knows, maybe one of these items will be the next heirloom passed down from generation to generation in your family…made right here in Rockford!

Greeting cards, journals, ornaments and more inspired by native prairie fields.

Hand-made gift idea: LEMUETTE

One local gets creative by taking wood blocks and carving her designs into them. Kari of Lemuette prints her designs on greeting cards, journals, prints, ornaments, and so much more.  The name of her printmaking business, Lemuette, is a nod to Lemuel Fisk, who settled this piece of Illinois prairie in 1838. Most of Kari’s work is drawn from inspiration she finds in the farm’s native prairie fields.

Her artistic process starts with a pencil sketch, she then carves it into a block of Japanese Shina plywood, which comes from a renewable linden forest. Once she has carved, tested and refined the block, she rolls ink onto it and uses a press to print the work on thick, cotton-rag paper from the Netherlands.

Learn more and shop local here - www.Lemuette.com

Local jewelry pieces that revive mementos from past lives.

Hand-made gift idea: MLINDVALL

Rockford resident Mona Lindvall creates one-of-a-kind and some-of-a-kind jewelry inspired by pieces of the past, combining new and aged pieces and parts. Her work is sometimes rustic, sometimes refined or a combination of both. By incorporating organic materials, found objects, and semiprecious stones with sterling silver, copper, or brass, her pieces come to life as upcycled, inspired, and meaningful designs.

Learn more and shop local here - mLindvall - Etsy

Ethically sourced, plant-based anti-aging skin care line made right here in Rockford.

Hand-made gift idea: AYADORA

Adore your skin! Ayadora is a plant-based, anti-aging skin-care line made right here in Rockford. Kelly Steward, a certified Organic Skincare Formulator, is the brains behind the brand where she creates products from ingredients that are ethically sourced. She makes anything from face balm, face toner, eye cream, eye makeup remover, lip balm, fragrance, teas and more.

Learn more and shop local here - https://www.ayadora.com/

Dreamy, soft-colored ceramic pieces made locally.

Hand-made gift idea: KUFRIN CERAMICS

A mother/baby nurse by day, a ceramic maker by night. Local Rockford resident Kyle Kufrin makes dreamy, soft-colored ceramic pieces from home goods to decorations and dinnerware.

Learn more and shop local here - Home | Kufrin Ceramics (square.site)

Nationally recognized candle brand made right here in Rockford.

Hand-made gift idea: CRAFT + FOSTER

In the spring of 2015, wife, mother of four, and military veteran, Melissa Burgess received a DIY candle-kit for her birthday and quickly fell in love with the candle making process. She found that it gave her a creative and therapeutic outlet while juggling the demands of motherhood and processing an on-going journey with PTSD.

In just a few short years, Craft + Foster grew from local candle pop-up to a nationally recognized brand featured in Neiman Marcus, GQ, WWD, The Golden Globes, and amazing independent retailers across the country. All their products are crafted right here in the Rockford region and can be purchased in numerous local shops such as Smiley’s Vintage, Rockford Roasting, Rockford Art Deli, and more.

Learn more and shop local here - CRAFT + FOSTER | Smells Like Good Times! (craftandfoster.com)

Don’t forget, there are numerous local shops you can support this holiday season. Head here for a full list of local businesses!