I don't know about you, but I feel like my Friday nights are a little bit empty now that the Rockford City Market season has ended! I think throughout the whole season, I only missed going a handful of times out of the 20 weeks. It was the perfect place to meet my friends after work, and we loved trying new foods each week.

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Throughout the City Market season, one of our summer interns and I had the privilege of interviewing a few vendors each week for the weekly Vendor View video (view them all here). This was definitely always a highlight of my week. During one week, I was interviewing someone from Twin Garden Farms, and she asked me if I had ever tried the corn they were selling. When I said no, she handed me an ear of corn and told me to eat it. I don't think I'd eaten an ear of corn that wasn't cooked before, but I decided to give it a try...and it was delicious! (I must have looked a little silly walking around with an ear of corn in one hand and a big camera in the other.) I actually ended up going back later and bought a few more!

All of the vendors had nothing but positive things to say about Rockford City Market. Hearing about all the vendors and why they enjoy being at City Market made me even more excited about being there each week to help these local businesses out. Check out the season wrap-up video I created featuring some of the vendor interviews!   



If you haven't been to Rockford City Market before, I highly encourage you to go next season...you won't be sorry! And now we wait and get ready for next season! Only 223 days to go and counting...