On Monday we stopped at the gas station to fill up before heading out of town. My husband ran in to grab some juice for our two year old and pay for the gas.

When he got up to the register, the attendant said, "You don't have to pay for your gas, only the juice. The man in the car ahead of you paid for your gas."

My husband ran up to the car and asked him, "Why did you pay for our gas?"

The man simply said, "Just pay it forward, man. Merry Christmas."

My husband slowly walked back to the car and sat down. I said, "What's wrong?" and he told me what had just happened. Wow. We were both in disbelief.


How are you going to pay it forward this New Year? Maybe it doesn't mean paying for a tank of gas. Instead maybe it means holding the door for someone. Looking people in the eyes, smiling, and saying hello.

Maybe it's sharing tickets to an Ice Hogs game, or bringing someone to a show at the Coronado. Or the next time you get coffee, buy one for the person in line behind you, too. You'd be surprised at how a smile or a small act of kindness could affect a person's day. And couldn't the world use a bit more kindness?

Happy New Year!

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