I know for most people, Thursdays are a bit of a drag because it's not quite the weekend yet and people are antsy to temporarily step away from the monotonous workweek. 

This is completely not the case for me...I actually look forward to Thursdays! If you didn't know, Andrea and I do a weekly radio podcast from Rockford University every Thursday at Noon. Each week we talk to a few people from the community about events coming up or about local attractions or restaurants to visit. No two weeks are the same, but each one is a lot of fun!

RCR blog 1 

When the guests are talking about an event coming up, you can really feel the excitement and passion these people have for the particular event/attraction and for the community. This energy then transfers to me. Just today on the radio show, we were talking to Sarah McNamara from the Rockford Art Museum about the new exhibit ("Modern Metaphors") opening on Saturday. Just the way Sarah was talking about how breathtaking the exhibit is made me truly want to see the pieces of art for myself...so you will probably see me at the opening!

RCR blog 2 

I always learn something new during the interviews too. Whether it's about a specific event, a group in the community, Rockford's history, or even just a fun fact about one of the guests. During one of the shows I was talking to a man from the Ethnic Heritage Museum and somehow found out on air that he went to Drake University...which is where I went to school too!

Doing the radio podcast makes it easy for me to look forward to my Thursdays. If you haven't heard the show before, I highly encourage you to do so! All of the podcasts are saved on our website (click here), or you can listen live on the Rockford College Radio website on Thursdays at Noon.