Have you been outside today? It is b-e-a-utiful! Today is one of those days that makes me realize that winter actually has the potential to end soon! And what a perfect day to go out and take photographs!

This is exactly what some local Rockfordians are doing. As of this morning, these individuals are going out around town to take photos of people they come across for an art show later tonight called "The Daylight Hours" organized by Our City Our Story.

daylight hours 1

The concept is simple: The photographers (and I use that term lightly...some of these people are first-time photographers!) disperse around the city to meet strangers, find something interesting about them, and take a snapshot of the individual. These photos are all displayed later tonight with a brief description of what the subject talked about with the photographer. The interesting part about this is that the project becomes less about the actual photo itself and more about the story behind the subject of the photo. The stories behind these people are informing, empowering, and even humorous.

daylight hours 3

One of the best parts about this event is that you can view the art display of all these photos for free! They will be on display to the public starting at 7pm at the FotoEnvy space (located at 317 W Jefferston St. downtown). What better way to learn about some people in your own city you might have never noticed before?

daylight hours 2

Bonus: There will be a cash bar by Kryptonite, delicious pies from Kate's Pie Shop, free pizza by Lino's, and DJ Maclin at the event!

For more information about "The Daylight Hours," visit ourcityourstory.com.