Let's start this off with me professing my love for music.  Saying that I LOVEEE MUSIC is pretty much an understatement. If you know me at all you know that I'm constantly singing - like a crying cat - and dancing in the car, at the grocery store, on the treadmill (yes, it's possible) and especially at live music events!  That's why I'm so thrilled to see that local talent scouts in our community put their foot down and said, "We love live local music fests, we miss On The Waterfront, let's create our own music fest for people to enjoy over Labor Day weekend!"  

So my friends with Independent Ear, 815 Local Jive and countless supporters put their creative ideas together and Jive In Your Ear 2015 is the brilliant result.  This is a 2-day (indoor and outdoor) free event that's happening on Main Street (between State and Mulberry Streets). Yes, I said free...awesome, right?! Right. There will be over 30 local and regional bands playing anything from intimate acoustic sessions to heavier rock and a bunch of genres in between. The event is happening this Friday from 5-10pm and Saturday from 10a-10p. The cool thing about Jive In Your Ear is that it's being held in support of In The Moment Organization, which raises funds for families impacted by suicide. I love when fun events are held to help support an important cause.

Many of my favorite bands are playing and there will be new ones to hear for the first time too.  To learn more about 3 performers taking on the stage this weekend check out this interview. London Has Fallen, Goodwill Dynamite and James Rawson are extremely talented, support and love Rockford and are excited to inspire our community!


For more information about this event and the complete lineup of performers visit jiveinyourear.com and for more information about other fun events happening this weekend in the Rockford region visit gorockford.com.

Jive Group Photo 

P.s. if you just so happen to walk past a girl (cough, cough - me) that looks like she may have stubbed her toe or is trying to change the direction of the wind with her arms....just smile and keep walking. Or by all means, join in! See you there!