Did you vote yet?

No matter what you believe or how you voted or plan to vote, be sure to vote travel! Wait, what?

Travel is an integral part of our economy. In the Rockford Region, tourism supports 3000 jobs. In 2011, visitor spending increased 11.8 percent, totaling more than $311 million dollars* into our economy. Travel and tourism are economic indicators, and an 11.8% increase in spending is great news for the region. 

The U.S. Travel Association developed a website where you can find out the candidates that are running for office in your area. Vote Travel is a campaign created to educate candidates about the about the benefits of America's travel industry and the actions that lawmakers should take to increase travel to and within the United States.

But we think it's important for you to know too! 

Vote travel

Every vote counts today! Please. Get out the vote!




*The figures come from a report by D.K. Shifflet and Associates for the U.S. Travel Association,
commissioned by the Illinois Office of Tourism, a state agency.