WHO: Paul Sletten
TITLE: President
EMPLOYED AT: Abreo Restaurant & Catering / Social Urban Bar & Restaurant / Taco Betty's / Abreo at the Standard / Disco Chicken Food Truck & Events
AGE: 41
LIVES IN: Rockford
HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE: Hononegah High School / Blackhawk Technical College

Q: What brought you to Rockford?
A: I grew up here!

Q: What do you like most about the Rockford region?
A: Its people and the downtown scene. There is a really strong sense of community, arts and ambition that is very exciting. Almost any night of the week you can find something unique to do or eat or drink.

food at Abreo

Q: What do you like to do in Rockford?
A: Eat out...outdoor adventures with my boys...fishing...and support local happenings.

Q: What do you tell non-locals about Rockford?
A: It has a thriving arts, music and restaurant scene.

Q: What is Rockford's best-kept secret?
A: It will always be Uncle Nick's!