If you know me at all, you may think I don't like dogs. I had dogs when I was growing up, but at some point I became allergic to dogs and cats alike. But my problem with dogs really has nothing to do with dogs. I actually like dogs.

Some people let their dogs take over their lives. They can't be away from home for more than a few hours because they have to let the dog out. Or they feel the need to bring their dog everywhere they go. I realize I am in the minority, but I don't believe dogs are meant to be brought everywhere with everyone all the time.

Except for one day a week. That day is Thursday, the day Monica and I record and livestream It's a Great Day in Rockford on Rockford College Radio. When I enter the studio, there's Louie, the cutest little guy I've met in a long time (that is of the animal species). Louie makes me smile and forces me to start talking baby talk every time I see him.

So maybe I'm softening up a bit about dogs (but no, we will never have one at our house).

Here's Louie, hanging out under the desk while Vince Chiarelli posts our show to the web.

Louie Chiarelli 

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 This is my opinion about dogs, and my opinion only.