Brovary Relief Fund

Local Effort Announced to Raise Funds for Humanitarian Relief for Rockford’s Sister City in Ukraine

The City of Rockford has created a Brovary Relief Fund to help support humanitarian aid for our Sister City in Ukraine. Rockford has enjoyed a Sister City relationship with Brovary since 1995, just four years after Ukraine declared independence from the former Soviet Union.

In partnership with the City of Rockford, the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois and Kids Around the World, the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is raising funds to be distributed for the immediate and ongoing needs of the people of Brovary, Ukraine, as the humanitarian crisis continues. Brovary, a suburb on the northeast side of Kyiv, has been a sister city to Rockford since 1995 (learn more below) and as such representatives of the City of Rockford are currently in direct communication with representatives of the City of Brovary. The two communities are working together to determine the areas of highest need and the proper entities and channels by which aid raised here in northern Illinois may be distributed. 


Monetary donations can be made through two local organizations

Kids Around the World and the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois

Or checks can be made out and mailed to either organization with a note that the funds should be used for the Brovary Relief Fund. All contributions will be used to purchase and deliver goods and supplies either through trusted, verified international aid organizations and trusted contacts or donated directly to the City of Brovary for their use on critical humanitarian needs.

Community Foundation of Northern Illinois
946 N Second St. 
Rockford, IL  61107

Kids Around the World
5245 28th Ave. 
Rockford, IL 61109

The relationship between the City of Rockford and Brovary began in 1995 after a soccer team from Kyiv visited Rockford and suggested a sister city arrangement with Brovary, a Kyiv suburb of 110,000. As a gift to Brovary, a Rockford group traveled to build the first of two playgrounds for Brovary’s children. They did not use wood, because of the risk that it might be stripped to heat homes during the harsh winters amidst a long and brutal recession. These two projects were the beginning of Kids Around the World, a Rockford organization that builds playgrounds for children in poverty-stricken and war-torn foreign cities.   

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