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No Rinkydink: Jenny Ustick & Atalie Gagnet

DTN - Media Kit - PPS

Midtown Mural Description

The iconic Rockford Peaches, and their visitors, used the Midtown train station as the entrance and exit to the city of Rockford. Bringing funky and fresh vibes to an iconic theme, this project resonates with all ages and backgrounds. These athletes were not only dynamic, but brought so much joy; Dorothy “Dottie” Green, Dorothy “Dottie” “Kammie” Kamenshek's legs, Dorothy “Dottie” Ferguson Key, Dorothy Kamenshek “Dottie” “Kammie”, Dorothy “Snookie” Harrell, Mildred “Millie” Deegan, and Amy “Lefty” Applegren. The shadows you see are of the athletes that were not able to be mentioned in the press due to the color of their skin.

Nicholson Properties 
206 7th Street, Rockford (North Facing)

815 Repeat

Novedades Azteca Mural Description

“815, when repeated and rotated, creates an incredibly eye catching pattern/shape. The pattern also evokes SEVERAL of the patterns and motifs found in the diverse cultures and places of origin of the residents of Rockford. This includes West African mudcloth and weaving, Lao weaving, Native American weaving, Mexican and Central American textiles, Greek and Italian decorative motifs, and traditional Swedish decorative motifs.”

815 E. State St. (East facing)

Artist BioRinky Dink, Ustick, Gagnet

No Rinkydink are Jenny Ustick and Atalie Gagnet, joining together with their years of mural experience, and a dedication to craft and collaboration. They feel strongly about connecting with and honoring the communities where they are invited to work.

Jenny Roesel Ustick is Associate Professor of Practice in Art at the University of Cincinnati. She has been painting murals regionally and nationally since 2008, and has been muralist in residence in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Graniti, Sicily.

Atalie Gagnet of Dayton, Ohio is a mural graphics and sign painter since 2003. She has painted for the Guggenheim and Architectural Digest for Art Basel Miami. She is driven by serving small businesses and communities through her work.

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