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Stuk One

Mural Description

Artist, Ryan "Stuk One" Lape, was commissioned to create an image that reflects the people who live, work, and succeed in Rockford. Stuk created ‘We are Rockford’ using a bold, yet old school, approach to mural work—a squiggle grid. With community input, Stuk’s image showcases five dynamic individuals from our community who are seen as leaders, innovators, and trailblazers. Featured in Stuk’s compelling, urban composition, are several of Rockford’s hometown heroes:

  • Sara Dorner: President—Rockford United Labor, first woman President of RUL and Auburn High School Grad
  • Bing Liu: Oscar-winning director and Guilford High School and Rock Valley Grad
  • Angel Martinez: Golden Gloves Champion, Auburn High School Grad, and Rockford firefighter hopeful
  • Fred VanVleet: NBA superstar, currently with the Toronto Raptors, and Auburn High School Grad
  • Michelle Williams: Bestselling author and mental health advocate, former member of Destiny’s Child, and Auburn High School Grad

Mural sponsored by Rockford Area Arts Council, Mayor Thomas P. McNamara, Representative Maurice West, and Senator Steve Stadelman


Jumping Joe's
603 W. State Street, Rockford (east facing)

Artist BioStuk One

Ryan "Stuk One" Lape is a Chicago-based artist and a force in the nationwide graffiti scene for more than 20 years. Originally from Rockford, Illinois, Stuk One specializes in small to large-scale mural work, illustrations, canvas work, merchandise design, inked drawings, and typography.

Utilizing mediums ranging from aerosol paints and markers to acrylic paints and inks, Stuk One pushes the limits of perception with his unique design aesthetics and advanced applications. Fans of Stuk One instantly recognize his bright color schemes and unique compositions, combined with surgically clean lines and design elements. Clients ranging from apparel companies and music groups, to restaurants and residential art collectors, all utilize Stuk One for his unique versatility and talents that provide and endless menu of effective design possibilities.