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Thomas Agran

Mural Description

“Painted with an open-hand, this landscape piece is read more as a fine-art painting. The contrast and interactions of the midwestern grid, the agricultural landscape, with the wildness of the river is not only aesthetically pleasing and dynamic, it defines the landscape, character, and history of this area – agriculture, and industry, sewn together by the Rock River. Curious viewers may even be able to orient themselves and identify elements of the view.” -TA


10536 Main St. Roscoe, IL (North facing)

Artist BioThomas Agran

Born in Kentucky, raised in Ohio, and currently residing in Iowa City, Iowa, Thomas Agran is very interested in the Midwest -- for both its charms as well as its challenges. He is particularly dedicated to the Midwestern landscape, its total transformation through agriculture, and the political, social, and environmental consequences of that change. Some of his paintings also explore the complicated nexus of food, agriculture, nostalgia, and marketing. Agran has taught painting and drawing at the university level since 2011, and worked for 3 years as the Director of Public Art for the Iowa City Downtown District. In addition to his studio work, he has designed, executed, managed, and mentored dozens of mural projects -- from private commissions to large municipal state work in historically sensitive areas to community engaged and participatory mural and public art projects. In addition to his studio practice, mural work, and teaching, Agran also works as a consultant for murals and other public art projects and programs.

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