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Art of Hunting

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Spears, arrows, atlatls, and a keen eye! Early humans needed to be amazingly skilled just to survive. Hunting at this time is all about survival from the meat to the skin to the bones...everything has an important role. Grab an ancient tool and try your hand at the methods of prehistoric hunters, and early humans.

From spear-throwing to fishing lure design, your skills made the difference between your healthy brain and body development, and your hunger or illness. Learn about atlatls--a weapon that changed the world! Would you have faced similar colds and flu? What ancient remedies could you have used? How would you stay warm in the winter?

Let’s find out...would you survive? Play games to test your survival skills, watch a flintknapper make spear points, bring in your own artifacts and have them identified by an expert. This awesome day of anthropology will bring you closer to your ancestors of the past.

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Burpee Museum - 737 N. Main St., Rockford, IL 61103 - From I-90 and E. State St. (US Business 20): west on Business 20 6.5 miles to IL 2 north (Wyman St., first street past the Rock River); right on IL 2 five blocks to the museum complex on the right side of the one-way street (N. Main St.). From the south, I-39: west on US 20 Bypass to IL 2 (S. Main St.); north on IL 2 through the downtown to the museum complex. Park in the Riverfront Museum parking lot or the Burpee Museum lot. An above-ground tunnel connects Riverfront Museum Park and Burpee Museum.

Art of Hunting
  • November 9, 2019
  • Burpee Museum of Natural History
  • Museum admission $10 Adult | $8 Youth | Free for museum members