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Bleeding Hearts & Scavenged Parts

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Bleeding Hearts and Scavenged Parts is a group exhibition which explores the strange, fantastic, and unsettling art of the grotesque.

The grotesque has a long legacy in the chronicles of art history. The philosophical ideas of Plato and Plotinus on horror versus beauty in the classical era inspired a resurgence in grotesque drawing and painting during the Renaissance.

The artworks on display will include distorted forms, caricatured expressions, and misplaced body parts, with a spirit of mischief and wonder, invoking empathy and disgust and a bit of humor.

This show urges its visitors to question how they perceive, understand, and react to the body. What makes a body recognizable or unfamiliar; ugly or beautiful; strange or rational; normal or grotesque?

We will also be hosting an Oddities pop up in the main studio featuring Scavenged Parts Oddities & Antiques.

Gallery Artists:

Angie Cornelius
Angie Loptien
Brad Cahill
Christian Herbie Clarke
Dustin Damiani
Jaymes Fedor
Jesus Correa
Joseph Krutza
Karl Jahnke
Kate Mayo
Laura Gomel
Margaret McGraw
Mic Steede
Nikki Hollander
Peter Swanson
Sheridan McGuire
Solvej Jordahl
Sya Ryn

Curated by: Rhiannon Yandell

Subarea:Rockford Downtown

Bleeding Hearts & Scavenged Parts