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Melancholy Merriment with The Lone Canary’s at Pig Minds Brewing Co.


This holiday season, join The Lone Canary for a Christmas show like no other. Jesse Fox and Heather Camacho bring their signature blend of emotive music to Pig Minds Brewing Co. for a night full of their unique—and perhaps a melancholic—take on classic Christmas tunes. Who says holiday music can’t have depth?

🌱 Why Pig Minds Brewing Co.?

Get into the festive spirit at America’s first vegan brewery, Pig Minds! Specializing in a wide array of craft brews, this isn’t your typical holiday venue—and that’s exactly why you’ll love it. Come for the music, stay for the beer, and let’s toast to the holiday season, Pig Minds style.

🎶 What to Expect?

• A spirited setlist that flips the script on traditional holiday music.
• The familiar, laid-back brewery atmosphere of Pig Minds.
• A craft beer for every taste, along with mouthwatering vegan dishes.

🎟 No Tickets Needed

That’s right! The show is FREE and open to all. Just show up, grab a pint, and get into the not-so-cheerful holiday spirit.

Kick back, sip some brews, and immerse yourself in a holiday experience that’s as unique as it is entertaining. See you there!

Melancholy Merriment with The Lone Canary’s at Pig Minds Brewing Co.
  • December 23, 2023
  • Pig Minds Brewing Co.