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Solar Eclipse Celebration

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Nature At The Confluence is partnering with South Beloit Library and Beloit Library to bring a special Solar Eclipse Celebration to our community.

It is important to wear safety glasses when viewing the eclipse and the South Beloit Library has received Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses as part of a grant to provide them free to the community. If you can’t join us that day, you can stop in at the South Beloit Library (630 Blackhawk Blvd., South Beloit) during regular hours to pick up your pair of viewing glasses.

Solar Eclipse Celebration Activities – Free to the community, no registration needed!

If it is cloudy we will still have activities not dependent on the sun and will livestream NASA’s coverage of the total eclipse inside the learning center.

11:51 am – The eclipse begins (a small sliver will become noticable – glasses must be worn when viewing)

12:00pm – Solar Eclipse Discovery Stops
-  M
ake a Sundial –  You only need the sun to know what time it is! Come make your own sun dial to take home
- Make a Nature Sunprint – use the power of the sun to make a beautiful take-home memory of this event
- Solar Oven Demonstration – Come see if we can make s’mores using only the heat from the sun!
- Solar Eclipse Simulator –  Make this paper simulator of the eclipse that lets you follow along as the event happens
- Roast your own s’mores in our big fireplace!

12:45 pm – Solar Firestarting Throwdown – We’re pitting Beloit Library against South Beloit Library in a Solar Firestarting challenge to see who can get a fire started the fastest using only the sun’s rays to start it!

1:16 pm – Maximum partial eclipse of the sun – 
this is it!

2:39 pm – Eclipse is over – go home with great memories of celebrating the “All-American Eclipse” with us!

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Solar Eclipse Celebration