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Juju Rey's Art Clubhouse

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Welcome to JuJu Rey's Art Clubhouse, a unique fusion of artistry and gaming co-created by Judith, the artist, and Rey, the gamer. Rooted in the heart of Rockford, IL, we champion a shared passion for art and video games. Our ambition was simple: to forge a hub where families can bond over creative pursuits and gaming fun in the comfort of our local clubhouse. Jujureysartclubhouse.com is our online gateway to this world of interactive art and playful competition. Here, we blend the exhilarating thrill of video games with the tranquil beauty of art creation. Families from Rockford and beyond can connect, create, and play together in a space designed with their happiness in mind. Join us at JuJu Rey's Art Clubhouse - where every visit is a new adventure in Rockford, IL