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Area // Rockton, Roscoe and South Beloit



Salt+Sol is the first Salt Therapy Room [Halotherapy] in the Stateline area! Our mission is healing, rejuvenating, and energizing the mind, body, and soul with Salt Therapy. Salt Therapy is a holistic option for overall wellness: respiratory care, skin conditions, and emotional health.

What is Salt Therapy?
Salt Therapy is a holistic wellness option for overall wellness. Salt Therapy is complimentary to many ailments because salt is naturally absorbent, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Salt Therapy can benefit people who have respiratory issues, skin conditions, depression and so much more! We have 2 active salt rooms, that use halo-generators to grind pharmaceutical grade salt into microscopic pieces and disperses it into the air. Breathing in the salt, helps open the airways to clear the respiratory system, helps reduce inflammation and help relieve stress.

  • Hours: Sunday 10am - 3pm; Monday - Tuesday CLOSED; Wednesday - Friday 10am - 7pm; Saturday 10am - 5pm