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Arts & Culture Resources

Our Arts & Culture community and organizations are essential to the quality of place and experience for our residents and visitors. As a vital part of the vibrancy of our community, the RACVB in partnership with the Rockford Rebounding Working Group, and the Rockford Area Arts Council have provided resources below for our Arts and Culture community. This includes resources for organizations and individuals seeking to add to the catalog of artistic and cultural product. Please be sure to check this webpage for updated information, and visit the RAAC.

Arts and Culture Organization Monthly Meetings

The RAAC in partnership with the Rebounding Rockford Arts and Culture Partners have established a monthly gathering (by Zoom) to share resources, advocacy ideas, collaborative projects, and networking opportunities for organizations and individuals in the Arts and Culture community. Everyone is welcome. Join us to get the information you need, or to share challenges for team driven solutions.

Meetings take place the fourth Friday of the Month, 1 p.m. - 2 p.m., first meeting is on August 28, 2020 by Zoom.

Arts and Culture First

Organizations and individuals in need of guidance, mentorship, or assistance in planning are encouraged to sign up to attend the City of Rockford’s Arts and Culture First monthly meeting. At this meeting, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas with a panel of advisors, who will assist in providing information or technical support in next steps to accomplish your next arts/culture project or event.

Please check back here in the near future for more details.

Kelsey Montague mural

Artist and Culture Initiatives Mentorship

Our community is filled with skilled artists, managers, and enthusiasts. Below is a list of potential advisors and mentors as you work towards your next contribution to the arts and culture of the Rockford Region.

Name Organization Expertise
Beth Howard - Coronado Performing Arts Center Events
Mary McNamara Bernsten - Rockford Area Arts Council Events, collaborative art projects, murals
Kristen Paul - Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Events, murals
Mustafa Abdall - Community Advocate Multi-cultural Event Coonections
Armando Cardenas - Coalition of Latino Leaders Multi-cultural Event Connections

Reopening Resources

Please see the attached reopening resource and plan examples by some of our local arts and culture venues. We encourage you to take the Clean Hands. Open Doors Pledge. To showcase your commitment to stopping the spread of Covid-19 at your events and facilities. Click HERE

Financial Resources and Support

Please see below for local, state, and federal funding opportunities for our arts and culture community. We also encourage you to take part in the RAAC grant partner membership. This will provide additional access to grants customized for your organization or project. For more information contact the RAAC.