Stroll on State Tree

Stroll on State Tree

Cutting down a tree for the holidays is a tradition for many and we want to continue making memories by sharing this tradition with our Rockford community. The RACVB, Tree Care Enterprises Inc., R.L. Leek Industries, Inc., Creative Crane, Stenstrom and the City of Rockford Police Department work together to safely transport the annual Stroll on State Christmas Tree from where it's planted to downtown Rockford.

Tree Submissions

Do you have a tree that would work for the annual Stroll on State Christmas Tree? We want to know! In order to submit your tree to be the Stroll on State tree, it must be easily accessible and it must be a donation. We will come out with everything necessary to move the tree! 

To submit a tree for consideration, please email Heidi Gee ( and include your name, street address, phone number, type of tree, and approximate size of tree. A photo of the tree must also be included in the submission.

2017 Stroll on State tree lighting