Stroll on State Tree

Stroll on State Tree

Project First Rate

About the Tree

Cutting down a tree for the holidays is a tradition for many and we want to continue making memories by sharing this tradition with our Rockford community. Once a tree is selected it will be safely transported to its new home for Stroll on State and the holidays at Davis Park in downtown Rockford. The RACVB team works together with Tree Care Enterprises Inc,; Howe Freightways, Inc.; Stenstrom and the City of Rockford Police Department to fell, transport and raise the tree its new location.

Stroll on State Tree Installation

One of the main factors in tree selection is why it is being cut down.  We make every effort to only select trees that would need to be removed regardless of selection.  This has been due to growing too large for the space, poor health of the tree, impeding emergency access to the home or obstructing traffic views.  We try to make the tree selection a win-win for the community to enjoy and to provide help to the home owner/neighboring homes!