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1. What is CRE8IV?

CRE8IV (pronounced "Creative") is a community-building, arts-infused event launched in 2019 as part of RACVB's placemaking and public art efforts.

2. Where should I park when stopping at locations?   

At some stops, there will be a recommended spot to park since there may not be accessible parking.  For street parking in downtown Rockford, please check signs when parking for hourly limits and permit parking only.  

3. How will my location data be utilized? 

We do not share any location data that we receive. Users can opt into emails for our communications however we do not share emails.

4. Where can I find a list of other public art pieces and monuments in the Rockford Area? 

Click here for more information about other monuments and art pieces in the Rockford Area. 

5. Do I have to take a picture in order to check in? 

Pictures are not required to check in at the location, BUT we encourage everyone to take pictures and share them on social media using #RockfordPublicArtTrail.

6. Do I have to share my location to use the passport? 

Yes, the passport uses your GPS to see where you are in relation to the location you're checking into. For more information about the data being collected, please click here.

7. Are all public art installations on the trail in high traffic areas (i.e. Downtown, Shopping Districts, etc.) ? 

No, not all public art installations on the mobile passport  are located in high traffic areas (downtown, shopping districts, etc.) and some public art installations are in neighborhoods so be please aware and respectful of your surroundings.