TID Basics

What is a Tourism Improvement District?

A Tourism Improvement District (TID) is a hotelier-proposed and city-approved assessment that provides a stable source of marketing funds dedicated to increasing hotel occupancy. The funds will be used to supplement existing hotel room night taxes.

Funds raised by the TID are used to provide services directly benefiting the hotel businesses located within the designated district. Increasingly, hotels and cities across the country are turning to TIDs as a means of increasing tourism marketing, retaining business, remaining competitive and recovering from the effects of the pandemic.

TIDs differ from other funding mechanisms in three distinct ways:

  • Revenue is generated and governed by those who pay the assessment (hotels) and must be spent to benefit their businesses.
  • Assessment creates a stable source of funding dedicated to tourism promotion.
  • Funding cannot be diverted by government for other purposes.

The TID provides a sustainable structure to ensure funds are invested in marketing, destination development and sales programs that bring visitors to the community to stay in our hotels. Want to learn more? Visit our FAQ page and keep exploring the strength of a TID.


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