Restaurant Week Award Categories

Best Dessert: The Best Dessert award recognizes the restaurant that served the most exceptional and delectable dessert during Rockford Region Restaurant Week.

Best Main Course: The Best Main Course award celebrates the restaurant that offered the most outstanding main course during Restaurant Week.

Best Cocktail or Brew: The Best Cocktail or Brew award recognizes the restaurant or bar that served the most outstanding and innovative cocktails or brews during Restaurant Week.

Best Deal: The best deal award recognizes the restaurant that provided an excellent discounted special during Restaurant Week.

Best Experience: The Best Experience award acknowledges the restaurant that provided an exceptional overall dining experience, including ambience, food, and customer service.

2023 Rockford Region Restaurant Week Awards

Congratulations to our 2023 Rockford Region Restaurant Week Winners! 

Best Bite: The meal that packed the most flavorful bite. The Norwegian

Best Atmosphere and Vibes: A food establishment that showcases the best vibes through lighting, service and overall experience. Ernie's Midtown Pub

Best Restaurant Week Package: The most creative deal, experience or package. Alchemy at Aldeen Supper Club

Best Cocktail or Brew: The most creative and tasty beverage. This category includes coffee, cocktails, smoothies, beer and other freshly served beverages. 8th Ward Pub

Best for All: Your favorite food establishment that showcases a welcoming environment for all. This is defined as a venue that welcomes residents and visitors by creating a sense of belonging. Lino's

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