Rockford Day
August 15

Rockford Day

What is Rockford Day?

Rockford Day, brought to you by Rockford Community Partners, is held annually on August 15. Rockford Day aims to showcase the people, places and things that make Rockford great with fun and interactive experiences throughout the city.

Rockford Day invites local businesses, agencies, non-profits, and other organizations from both the private and public sectors to join in the celebration by offering Rockford Day themed specials, discounts and events across the city and surrounding communities. 

Rockford Day Apparel 

This year, we're encouraging everyone to shop local, and take advantage of the sweet Rockford Day apparel specials going on! Rock whatever Rockford gear you have!

Ways to Participate

There are many additional ways for companies, organizations, and even individuals to participate in Rockford Day.  From celebrating with your employees or neighbors to engaging in social media challenges, we have great ideas for how every Rockford resident can get involved. 

Register Your Specials

Participants will have their Rockford Day offerings featured on the Rockford Day Facebook and Twitter pages, and may be included in various promotional media (i.e., print, radio, TV).

Participants are encouraged to enlist offerings that have an 815 twist. (Several of us are 779ers and we’re joining in on the Rockford Day fun). There is no charge to participate. 

CLICK HERE to register your specials!


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