Rockford Day
August 15

Additional Ways to Participate

Rockford Day 2022

There are many ways to participate in Rockford Day and celebrate your pride in our City and its resilience, whether you're a restaurant or retail shop or another entity:

For restaurants and retail:

  • Offer an 815 or 779 themed deal or special.
  • Give customers a chance to win a Rockford/815 themed prize or basket.

For other businesses and entities:

  • Share your Rockford story in writing, in photos, or on video using the hashtags #RockfordDay2022 #815Day2022.
  • Offer a virtual tour of your business or organization (submit this as an event on 

For neighborhood groups, clubs, and other organizations:

  • Post a photo of members of your group/organization in 815 gear using the hashtags #RockfordDay2022 #815Day2022.
  • Feature your group members, clients, or associates telling their own stories of living in Rockford on your social media using the hashtags #RockfordDay2022 #815Day2022.

For business associations:

  • Host an event in your neighborhood (such as scavenger hunt, a live outdoor concert, sidewalk chalk art, and so forth).
  • Offer an online experience, such as Miracle Mile's Selfie Tour or Cookie Crawl.

Download a PDF of these ways to participate here!