Rockford Day
August 15

Additional Ways to Participate

Rockford Day 2023

There are many ways for everyone to participate in Rockford Day and celebrate your pride in Rockford, whether you're a business, an organization, or neighborhood group:

For any business, faith community, or organization:

  • Give back to your community.
    • Fundraise* for your favorite local nonprofit.
    • Clean up an under-served neighborhood in Rockford.
    • Collect donations° for a local cause.

For restaurants and retail:

  • Offer an 815 or 779 themed deal or special.
  • Give customers a chance to win a Rockford/815 themed prize or basket.

For other businesses and corporations:

  • Host an employee fundraiser for your favorite local nonprofit.
  • Spend a portion of the work day volunteering time at a local nonprofit.
  • Give back to your employees by providing them lunch or breakfast or hosting a barbeque or other internal celebration.
  • Share your Rockford story in writing, in photos, or on video using the hashtags #RockfordDay2023 #815Day2023. 
  • Offer a tour of your business or organization (submit this as an event on

For neighborhood groups, clubs, and other organizations:

  • Do a neighborhood cleanup or beautification project.
  • Host a neighborhood picnic or other social gathering.
  • Post a photo of members of your group/organization in 815 gear using the hashtags #RockfordDay2023 #815Day2023.
  • Feature your group members, clients, or associates telling their own stories of living in Rockford on your social media using the hashtags #RockfordDay2023 #815Day2023.

For business associations:

  • Host an event in your business district
    • A scavenger hunt
    • A progressive shopping experience
    • A live outdoor concert
    • Sidewalk chalk or other art activities   

*Fundraising ideas:

  • Offer employees the chance to wear 815 gear instead of work attire for a monetary donation; give donations to a local nonprofit.
  • Host an employee event such as a talent show, family movie or game night, or white elephant auction.  Ask for a monetary donation to attend.
  • Host penny wars
    • Designate teams (departments, floors, or other groups).
    • Provide each location their own jug for collecting money.
    • Teams gain points by adding pennies and bills greater than a dollar to their own jug.
    • Participants can reduce the competition’s points by adding silver coins and one dollar bills to other teams’ jugs.
    • Provide the team with the highest point total some type of reward on Rockford Day.
    • Points earned as follows:
      • Pennies +1 point
      • $5 dollars +500 points
      • $10 dollars +1000 points
      • $20 dollars +2000 points
      • Nickels -5 points
      • Dimes -10 points
      • Quarters -25 points
      • $1 dollar -100 points

°Collect donations for a local cause or nonprofit:

  • Diapers, wipes, formula, or other baby products
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Feminine hygiene items
  • Paper goods (toilet tissue, paper towels, napkins)
  • School uniforms
  • Socks and undergarments

Questions? Contact us!

Chenaire Barmore, Community Engagement Coordinator for the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Download a PDF of these ways to participate here!