Welcoming Diversity

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The Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is dedicated to doing our part to ensure the Rockford region is Welcoming to all. We are committed to showcasing love, acceptance, equitable inclusion and respect for our diverse residents, visitors and culture that help to make our region vibrant.

We understand that in order for our visitors to feel welcome, our residents also need to feel welcome.

We invite you to explore this site to find the many ways you can experience the RACVB’s commitment to our diverse communities included but not limited to: a listing of events celebrating cultural diversity, ways you can engage and partner with the RACVB, opportunities to support minority owned businesses and how the RACVB plans to continue our commitments.

As a part of our process to “Welcome Diversity” our agency, through listening to our community, has developed nine Welcoming Diversity Commitment Statements.

We look forward to being an ally for our diverse communities because we understand that there is always an opportunity to fully embrace and Welcome Diversity.