Commitment Statements

In the Summer of 2020, the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau began a process to become better allies of our diverse community of residents and visitors. As a part of this initiative our agency followed a process to receive feedback from our minority and LGBTQ community on ways we can better service, connect with, and support as it relates to the RACVB’s mission.

We engaged in a process to: listen, plan, commit and continuously engage. This led us to the implementation of our Welcoming Diversity Commitment Statements. These commitments have been approved by the RACVB’s Board of directors and is now a part of board adopted policies, thus providing accountability to ensure our entire team is doing our part to “Welcome Diversity.”

With each of the statements below are actionable steps developed by the RACVB and by the “Welcoming Diversity” feedback group.

Because we understand that listening shows support, but ACTION shows commitment.

The RACVB is committed to:

  1. Continuing engagement and relationship building with our diverse communities and residents.
  2. Leading efforts that foster a community where minority and LGBTQ visitors feel welcome.
  3. Utilizing minority owned businesses and providing opportunities for exposure to event planner and partners.
  4. Recruiting events, tournaments and meetings that are created for and/or have a proven attendance of minority and/or LGBTQ attendees.
  5. Increasing awareness of our biases and becoming better allies through ongoing diversity and inclusion training.
  6. Ensuring our board, staff and volunteers are a reflection of our diverse community.
  7. Ensuring our marketing and advertising reflects the diversity of our community.
  8. Utilizing marketing channels owned by and/or proven to be successful in reaching diverse audiences.
  9. Celebrating the contributions and history of residents from our diverse community.