CRE8IV: transformational...

The list of mural locations, artists, concepts, and sponsors includes:

1. Mural Address: 917 S. Main Street (North & South Facing) (2 Walls)

Artist: Anthony Lewellen (Chicago, IL)
Concept: “Hope” for a bright future, the sky is not the limit – youth focused, aerospace influenced Sponsor: Collins Aerospace


2. Mural Address: 1444 Myott Ave. (North Facing)
Artist: OhYa Studio – Ray Mawst & Brian Kehoe (Madison, WI)
Concept: Tiled style patchwork highlighting Rockford attractions, staples, monuments, floral and fauna Sponsor: Brubaker Charitable Foundation

3. Mural Address: 1402 N. Main St (North Facing)
Artist: Jenny Mathews (Rockford, IL)
Concept: Geometric shapes cascading across the wall using vibrant colors Sponsor: Rockford Area Arts Council


4. Mural Address: 206 7th Street & 208 7th Street (North Facing) (2 Walls)
Artists: Jenny Ustick & Atatlie Gagnet (Cincinnati and Toledo, OH)
Concept: Rockford Peaches Baseball – one cohesive project on two walls with a Welcome to Midwtown message
Sponsors: Kjellstrom Family Foundation & William Charles


  1. Mural Address: 815 E. State Street (East Facing)
    Artists: Jenny Ustick & Atatlie Gagnet (Cincinnati and Toledo, OH)
    Concept: Inclusiveness, Rockford focused using bold & vibrant colors to enhance the entrance of the downtown business district
    Sponsor: workplace

  2. Mural Address: 707 W. Jefferson Street (2 Walls)
    Artist: Murals & More – Michael Cooper (Franklin, TN)
    Concept: Windows boxes with native flowers emerging through with sight lines to the sky above through empty spaces - Trompe L’oeil style
    Sponsor: Bill Doran & Co.

  3. Mural Address: 311 Elm Street (West Facing) Artist: Brett Whitaker (Rockford, IL)
    Concept: Restoration and refreshing vintage mural Sponsor: City of Rockford


8. Mural Address: 10536 Main Street (North Facing)
Artist: Thomas Agran (Iowa City, IA)
Concept: Cityscape using broad brush strokes and vivid color Sponsor: Village of Roscoe


9. Mural Address: 5316 N. 2nd Street (North Facing)
Artist: Dustin Eckhardt (Loves Park, IL)
Concept: A colorful character immersed in a playful environment of local Illinois flora and species, with an emphasis on native pollinators.
Sponsor: City of Loves Park

10. Mural Address: 5545 N. 2nd Street (North Facing)
Artist: Brett Whitaker (Rockford, IL)
Concept: Color and compassion for the “City with a Heart” using vibrant shapes and lettering Sponsor: City of Loves Park


CRE8IV Map (to be updated soon with 2022 murals)

Take a look at the map below or download a copy here to see where all the CRE8IV murals and sculptures are located throughout the Rockford region!

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CRE8IV map

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