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Fall in love with Rockford by visiting or attending these LOVELY Rockford Region locations and events, chosen by the RACVB staff!
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In Good Company - Rich & Chrissie…

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In Good Company - Don Miller

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Stroll on State 2014

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In Good Company - Zina Horton

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In Good Company - Philippe Forcioli

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In Good Company - Roma Hailman

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In Good Company - Phantom Regiment

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In Good Company - Robb Sinks

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In Good Company - Mike Webb

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In Good Company - Rockford Art Deli

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Hot Events!

Discovery Center Museum - Bubble Festival
March 21, 2015 - March 21, 2015
Times: Saturday - Showtimes 9:00am, 10:30am, Noon, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm
Discovery Center celebrates National Bubble Week with bubble-celebrity Geoffrey Akins’ live performances and sudsy science fun. After the show, join us in the Bubble-Palooza Playground to test your soapy skill with bubble art and activities for the whole family.Geoff creates huge wobbly elect...


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Museums and History

What does a dinosaur named Jane, a children's discovery museum, a turn-of-the-century village and museum center, and a rare example of Victorian "exotic" architecture have in common?

Rockford, of course. Our fine list of museums and Rockford attractions will capture the attention of any history buff. From Rockford's newest - and oldest - dinosaur (named Jane) at Burpee Museum of Natural History to the more than 250 hands-on children's exhibits at the Discovery Center Museum, you can truly spend your day in Rockford's downtown River District learning, listening, dissecting and discovering.



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Booker Washington Community Center
(815) 968-8861
524 Kent St.
Rockford, IL 61102

Booker Washington Community Center's mission is to provide an environment that promotes the quality of life, values and the welfare of the People of o... MORE INFO

Burpee Museum of Natural History

Burpee Museum of Natural History
(815) 965-3433
737 N. Main St.
Rockford, IL 61103

Come explore Burpee Museum and its award-winning exhibits such as Jane: Diary of a Dinosaur, and explore the history of the young T. rex skeleton foun... MORE INFO

Bushnell Wheeler House

Bushnell Wheeler House
(815) 389-1514
542 Wheeler Ave.
South Beloit, IL 61080

Completed in 1856 for Reverend Alexander Montgomery, the agent for the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, this Italianate Villa has... MORE INFO

Camp Grant Museum

Camp Grant Museum
(815) 395-0679
1004 Samuelson Rd.
Rockford, IL 61109

Memorabilia of Rockford's Camp Grant, U.S. Army induction and training camp during World Wars I and II. The museum, an original building of Camp Grant... MORE INFO

Cherry Valley Historical Society Museum
(815) 332-5200
101 E. State St.
Cherry Valley, IL 61016

The Cherry Valley Historical Society, housed in the original Village Hall, features information on the Village, which was first settled in 1835 and in... MORE INFO

Discovery Center Museum

Discovery Center Museum
(815) 963-6769
711 N. Main St.
Rockford, IL 61103

Experience a world of hands-on investigation and fun-filled exploration at this children's museum with more than 250 hands-on art and science exhibits... MORE INFO

Erlander Home Museum

Erlander Home Museum
(815) 963-5559
404 S. 3rd St.
Rockford, IL 61104

The cultural centerpiece of Rockford's Swedish-ancestry community, Erlander Home Museum is located in Rockford's first brick home, built by John and I... MORE INFO

Ethnic Heritage Museum

Ethnic Heritage Museum
(815) 962-7402
1129 S. Main St.
Rockford, IL 61101

Six nationalities that helped shape the cultural region are represented in this home museum, built in 1850. Located in the heart of the old water powe... MORE INFO

Field of Honor Veterans Memorial

Field of Honor Veterans Memorial
100 Heart Blvd.
Loves Park, IL 61111

Located in the Arthur W. Anderson Peace Park near the Loves Park City Hall, the Field of Honor was conceived by Mr. Anderson as a memorial to honor ve... MORE INFO

Historic Auto Attractions

Historic Auto Attractions
(815) 389-7917
13825 Metric Dr.
Roscoe, IL 61073

More than just a display of historic automobiles, it's a journey through time! Over 75 historic autos displayed in 36,000 sq. ft., including the world... MORE INFO

Historic Neighborhood - 3rd Union College
Boundaries: College Ave., S. 2nd Street, Morgan and the Rock River
Rockford, IL 61101

Founded in 1847, Rockford Female Seminary, today's Rockford University (formerly Rockford College), brought growth and prosperity to the area surround... MORE INFO

Historic Neighborhood - Brown's Hills-Knightsville
Boundaries: N. 2nd, Rural, Guilford, Parkview and Spring Creek
Rockford, IL 61107

The historic district of Knightsville is a unique community built for the sole purpose of providing housing for a single industry, the Skandia Furnitu... MORE INFO

Historic Neighborhood - Churchill Grove
Boundaries: North Main St., Whitman St., Auburn St. and the Rock River
Rockford, IL 61103

The origin of this northside neighborhood dates back to 1829 when, through the Treaty of Prairie du Chien, the land was given to Catherine Myott, daug... MORE INFO

Historic Neighborhood - Coronado Haskell
Boundaries: N. Main, Whitman, Rockton Ave., and Jefferson
Rockford, IL 61101

James Polk was president in 1843 when George Haskell filed his claim for 145 acres along the western banks of the Rock River. He built his home and so... MORE INFO

Historic Neighborhood - Garfield Avenue
Garfield & Rockton Avenues
Rockford, IL 61103

Thomas and Electa Garrison bought land beyond the city limits in 1853. In 1882 this farmland was subdivided into five parcels to settle the Garrison e... MORE INFO

Historic Neighborhood - Haight Village
Boundaries: 1st Ave., College, S. 2nd St. and the river
Rockford, IL 61104

Haight Village, Rockford's first local historic district and the only Rockford neighborhood on the National Register of Historic Places, formed the so... MORE INFO

Historic Neighborhood - Indian Terrace
Indian Terrace, north of Beattie Park, east of N. Main St.
Rockford, IL 61103

At the turn of the century, neighbor-cousins subdivided their riverfront backyards and created the Indian Terrace neighborhood, naming the street afte... MORE INFO

Historic Neighborhood - North End Square
Boundaries: N. Main, Auburn, Fulton and Ridge Streets
Rockford, IL 61103

This neighborhood gives meaning to "A man's home is his castle." Starting in the early 1890's the area was settled by working-class citizens. Today's ... MORE INFO

Keeling-Puri Peace Plaza

Keeling-Puri Peace Plaza
N. Perryville Rd.
0.25 mi. south of E. Riverside Blvd.
0.5 mi. west of I-90/39
Loves Park, IL 61111

Dedicated to peace, tranquility and celebrating diversity and heritage this 2.5-acre park near I-90/39 and Riverside Blvd. showcases 40 flags, 30 lang... MORE INFO

Laurent House Museum

Laurent House Museum
(815) 877-2952
House is located at 4646 Spring Brook Rd.
All tours begin at Midway Village Museum, 6799 Guilford Rd., Rockford 61107
Rockford, IL 61107

The Laurent House is closed for the season and will reopen on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015Frank Lloyd Wright’s Laurent House in Rockford, Illinois is the o... MORE INFO

LZ Peace Memorial

LZ Peace Memorial
(815) 968-1040
6799 Guilford Rd.
Rockford, IL 61107

The LZ Peace Memorial is a place of honor for those veterans who served our country, in war and in peace. This memorial stands as a testimony to those... MORE INFO

Macktown Living History Education Center

Macktown Living History Education Center
(815) 624-4200
2221 Freeport Rd.
PO Box 566
Rockton, IL 61072

Built in 1834 on the Pecatonica River by fur trader Stephen Mack, one of the area's first settlers. See the walnut cradle Mack made for his children, ... MORE INFO

Midway Village Museum

Midway Village Museum
(815) 397-9112
6799 Guilford Rd.
Rockford, IL 61107

The museum campus consists of a Victorian village with 26 historical buildings filled with artifacts of the era as well as several beautiful 19th cent... MORE INFO

Paulson's Agriculture Museum of Argyle

Paulson's Agriculture Museum of Argyle
(815) 885-3846
6910 Belvidere Rd.
Caledonia, IL 61011

"Home of the largest and best collection of farm equipment and antiquities of yesteryear." Over 700 cast iron implement seats, fifty antique tractors,... MORE INFO

Pecatonica Heritage Museum & Welcome Center

Pecatonica Heritage Museum & Welcome Center
(888) 851-1559
314 Main St.
Pecatonica, IL 61063

The Pecatonica Heritage Museum was formed with the dual purpose of preserving the history of Pecatonica’s historic grain elevator and adaptively using... MORE INFO

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