Father’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to celebrate dads! My dad has done a lot for me growing up…everything from helping me figure out what’s wrong with an appliance, squishing spiders when I’m too scared (even to this day!) and teaching me how to do things like drive a car (or motorcycle…thanks Dad!). 

Liz fathers day motorcycle

Dads are special, so they deserve the best on Father’s Day! And I’m here to help you decide what to get your pops, all while staying local to the Rockford community!

1. Rockford Rivets Game

Rockford Rivets baseball player

Dads love sports. My dad has a variety of Cubs, Bears, IceHogs and Rivets swag to represent our local and regional teams. What better way to say, “You’re awesome, Dad!” than treating him to a good ‘ole baseball game at the Rockford Rivets Stadium! Rivets games are great because the stadium is so accessible, there is literally not a bad seat in the house, and it’s a great way to spend a summer evening! Be sure to check out the Rivets’ schedule because you might even catch a game where they finish off the night with fireworks! Once you finish watching a Rivets game, there’s a good chance you’ll just have to go to their merch store to buy a Rivets shirt or hat for the next game you go to with your dad.

2. Local Craft Beer

prairie street brewing beer

Dads also love beer. And who wouldn’t when the craft beer in Rockford is so delicious? Get your dad a growler of beer from Prairie Street Brewing Company, Pig Minds Brewing Co. or Urban Forest Craft Brewing and it’s a guaranteed win. Or instead of the growler, treat your dad to lunch or dinner and buy him a cold one while you’re out! Does your dad enjoy the darker beers? Try the Time & Materials oatmeal stout at Urban Forest. Or maybe a more refreshing, light beer is more his speed? The Hefeweizen at Prairie Street Brewing Company is a good choice. And even if your dad doesn’t drink alcohol, both Pig Minds and Prairie Street serve incredible craft root beer. (Seriously…go try them.)

3. Delicious Grilling Meat

640 meats burgers

The last time we had a cookout at my parents’ house, I brought over brats to grill from 640 Meats and let me tell you, they were a hit! Brats, burgers, steak, chicken…any sort of juicy meat to grill will be appreciated by dads. Pop over to 640 Meats or Pinnon’s and they’ll help you pick out exactly what you’re looking for. I’m sure you’ll get bonus points if you do the grilling on Father’s Day and let your dad relax!

4. Pampering Pops

The Parlour

We all know that moms love to get their nails done, but dads like to get pampered sometimes too! The Parlour in downtown Rockford knows how to cater to their male clients. Get your dad an appointment at The Parlour for a haircut or beard trim and he’ll probably want to make monthly appointments. Not only do they do a phenomenal job with the trims, but customers will also be able to crack a beer while they’re there! Beer while you’re getting a haircut? What’s manlier than that?

These are just a few suggestions out of many fun things you can do with Dad this Father’s Day in the Rockford region! Whatever you do, just make sure Dad knows you care! Happy Father’s Day all you dads out there!