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Rockford's arts and culture scene is one of many facets. Whether it's a trip to J. R. Kortman's, a small, upscale shop and gallery in downtown Rockford, a day spent at the Rockford Art Museum, or a night at the theatre, Rockford has something for every taste.

The Rockford Art Museum offers 17,000 square-feet of space for feature exhibitions and permanent collections, making it one of the largest art museums in Illinois outside of Chicago. A different kind of art, the natural gardenscape at Anderson Japanese Gardens is equally inspiring as a classic painting or photograph. AJG is continually ranked as one of the top Japanese gardens in the United States and is designed so that the visitor becomes one with the garden.

Starlight Theatre, Rockford's home to musical theatre sits among the green, rolling hills on the campus of Rock Valley College. Since 1967 founding artistic director Mike Webb has helped guide more than 30 graduates that are currently thriving on the stages of Broadway in New York City. In downtown Rockford, the Historic Coronado Theatre continues to wow audiences with its architecture just as much as the performers wow them with their acts. Since 1927 it is has been known as "Rockford's Wonder Theatre."

Speaking of dazzling architecture, the unique design abilities of Frank Lloyd Wright are on display at the Laurent House. Considered by Frank Lloyd Wright himself as one of his masterworks, the house was originally build for a disabled World War II veteran.