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Staff Directory

RACVB Staff Directory

John Groh, CDME

815-963-8111 Email

Brandi Liantonio

Executive Assistant
815-489-1673 Email

Kristen Paul

Executive Vice President
815-489-1661 Email

Julie Huber

Destination Development Operations Manager
815-708-0239 Email

Carissa Lutzow

Destination Development Events Coordinator
815-489-1652 Email

Lindsay Arellano

Vice President of Sales and Service
815-489-1653 Email

Kara Davis

Group Sales Manager

Emily Plumb

Sales and Servicing Manager
815-489-1678 Email

Elizabeth Falls

Marketing Manager
815-708-0089 Email

Chenaire Barmore

Community Engagement Coordinator
815-963-8111 Email

Amanda August

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
815-489-1668 Email

Joanne Nold

Vice President of Finance & Administration
815-489-1659 Email

Lindsey Kromm

Accounting Assistant
815-489-1654 Email

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