RACVB will continue to monitor updates related to COVID-19, sending out pertinent information via subsequent e-blasts, across all GoRockford social channels and on our website.

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Staff Directory

RACVB Staff Directory

John Groh, CDME

815-963-8111 jgroh@gorockford.com

Kara Davis

Executive Assistant
815-489-1673 kdavis@gorockford.com

Heidi Gee

Office Coordinator/Receptionist
815-489-1668 hgee@gorockford.com

Martesha Brown

Director of Advancement
815-489-1655 mbrown@gorockford.com

Kristen Paul

Director of Destination Development
815-489-1661 kpaul@gorockford.com

Lindsay Arellano

Vice President of Sales and Service
815-489-1653 larellano@gorockford.com

Nick Povalitis, CDME

VP of Marketing and Sports Development
815-489-1652 npovalitis@gorockford.com

Phil Elsbree

Senior Sales Manager
815-489-1651 pelsbree@gorockford.com

Austin Taylor

Group & Event Services Manager
815-489-1676 ataylor@gorockford.com

Andrea Cook

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications
815-489-1664 acook@gorockford.com

Elizabeth Miller

Creative Services Manager
815-489-1678 emiller@gorockford.com

Janet Jacobs

Marketing Assistant
815-489-1677 jjacobs@gorockford.com

Joanne Nold

Director of Finance & Administration
815-489-1659 jnold@gorockford.com

Lindsey Kromm

Accounting Assistant
815-489-1654 lkromm@gorockford.com

Tana Vettore

Forest City Beautiful Manager

Fred Harris

Visitor Services Assistant

Jennie Hahn

Customer Service Specialist

For additional information or questions, email info@gorockford.com

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