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"Celebrate Cheap Trick every %&*#@& day."

"You have to embrace where you're from. It's real. It's honest. They're not from New York. They're not from L.A. They're from Rockford, Illinois. Where is Rockford, Illinois? And, Rick still lives there. It's in his blood, and it's in everything he does. And, being a pure artist, that's what happens - all you experiences and things that you do in your life, and that you see and experience...it all comes out. And it should be from Rockford. It's a good thing. And, it's a beautiful thing. Because, if everybody sounded like they came from New York of wherever was supposed to be the, 'cool place,' it'd be boring. I'm glad that he lives there, and I think Rockford should be proud of him, and they should celebrate Rick Nielsen and Cheap Trick every %&*#@& day."   --- Chad Smith, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Check out our "all things Cheap Trick & Rockford website at www.gotrickford.com.

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Rockford "officially, unofficially" becomes Trickford

Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and the City of Rockford have banded together to recognize and celebrate the long-overdue induction of local Rockford heroes Cheap Trick into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

For Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson, Robin Zander and Bun E. Carlos April 8, 2016 was Heaven Tonight as they become the first Rockfordians to be so honored in a grand ceremony in Brooklyn, New York.

"We're a community that has always made things," said Rockford Mayor Lawrence J. Morrissey. "From furniture to fasteners to aerospace engineering and high-tech manufacturing and of course Cheap Trick has been making music at a world-class level for over 40 years. We are honored to count these four men as top among our favorite sons and are excited to honor them."

"Cheap Trick is one of Rockford, Illinois' greatest exports and a major point of pride for our community," said John Groh, president/CEO of RACVB. "Everywhere they go, Cheap Trick draws positive attention to Rockford. We should be proud of them and we should honor them."

Welcome to Trickford: The City of Rockford is also playing an active role in the celebration and recognition of the band's accomplishments. Mayor Morrissey has ceremonially "officially, unofficially" renamed the city "Trickford" in honor of its Hall of Fame artists and signed a proclamation to that effect. New "welcome to Trickford" signs will be installed at the city's gateway entrances and the boyhood streets of the four band members will be renamed in celebratory fashion:
• Spring Creek Road: Rick Nielsen Parkway
• Buckingham Drive: Tom Petersson Terrace
• Waterview Road (Machesney Park): Robin Zander Place
• Parkview Avenue: Bun E. Carlos Avenue

"I would have given them the key to the city," Mayor Morrissey joked, "but another Mayor beat me to it a long time ago. That's what happens when a band has been touring the world for almost forty years. So, we decided there was nothing left to do but fully ‘Surrender' to them by renaming Rockford in their honor."

Website: The "Trickford" name will be adopted as the URL address of a new website RACVB has launched that will help visitors and residents alike learn about Cheap Trick's history and legacy in Rockford. The site will feature musician biographies, an interactive timeline, a Fan Trail, videos and more: GoTrickford.com

Cheap Trick Fan Trail: The Fan Trail concept is one that will be expanded into the real world with scheduled tours as RACVB launches an exploration into how best to celebrate Cheap Trick's Rockford roots in the future for leisure travelers and residents alike. Check out the Fan Trail at GoTrickford.com.