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Where the Locals Eat

Where the Locals Eat 

Want to try a Real. Original. Rockford fast food joint? Then head to one of the seven locations of Beef-A-Roo, known for their great burgers and shakes (and don't forget the cheese fries), this local "chain" is beloved by Rockfordians of all ages. A great place to grab a quick bite with the family or hit the drive-thru for one last quick bite as you head back home.

Here are a few other local joints that you won't want to miss ...

Behr Den -- Tucked away nicely on the grounds of Behr Iron and Metal, the open to the public diner serves breakfast and lunch Monday - Friday. Get the Behrger that features two hamburger patties and you won't be hungry the rest of the day. And get the chili if it is on the menu -- make sure you ask for a bucket of jalapenos.

Buddy's Burgers -- Should you take the 9 patty hamburger challenge? If you do, tag your photo with #gorockford because we would love to see your victory photo.

The Norwegian - Located in a newly renovated 1930s building, The Norwegian's menu features a mix of Scandinavian and soul foods - eggs Benedict, Akvavit-cured gravlax, organic salads, smoky mac and cheese, locally roasted coffee, elderberry mimosas, and old-time cocktails.

Potato Shak -- When Pete yells his friendly greeting from the grill,  you know you're home at a local favorite hole-in-the-wall diner. Pull up a chair -- or a stool at the counter -- and enjoy.

Tavern on Clark -- A classic neighborhood bistro/tavern located right by the hotel campus off of East State Street, where service is always helpful and the food is fresh and adventurous.