RACVB, Rockford Art Deli and Rockford Area Arts Council Join in Establishing Micro-Grant Program to Benefit Artists and Art Organizations Community-Wide

In partnership with Rockford Art Deli’s Here For Good campaign, the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and Rockford Area Arts Council are excited to announce that Rockford-themed face masks and Our Journey Begins at Home T-shirts are available for sale online now at www.rockfordartdeli.com. Proceeds from each sale will seed the Our Journey Micro-Grant Program benefitting local artists and arts organizations to drive excellent project work in Winnebago County. 

For every $30 purchase of a three-pack of customized Rockford-themed face masks, $15 will be allocated to the grant fund or an individual masks for $11 will generate $5 for charity. For every $25 Our Journey T-shirt purchase, $10 will be given to local arts and arts organizations. 

“We live in a phenomenally artistic community. Our artists and arts organizations have helped us navigate this pandemic by sharing their creativity with us,” said John Groh, RACVB president/CEO. “In order to live and travel well, we need our creators to thrive. The Rockford region is our home and we’re thrilled to partner with RAD and RAAC to help our local arts community.” 

The Our Journey Micro-Grant Program is designed to benefit artists and art organizations by awarding funding allocations of up to $500 for creative endeavors throughout the Rockford region. Completed applications will be accepted beginning June 1, 2020 and should be emailed to KPaul@GoRockford.com

Mary McNamara Bernsten, executive director of the Rockford Area Arts Council, said, “RAD’s #hereforgoodrkfd campaign is a creative solution to our current circumstances. The Arts Council enthusiastically supports Jarrod’s doubling-down on Rockford’s trust and pride in our community spirit! RAD’s #hereforgoodrkfd campaign has been inclusive of small businesses and organizations from the beginning—while cultivating much-needed connectivity of individuals. Our collaborative vision for the ‘new normal’ led to the packaging of one-of-a-kind masks. RAD and the RACVB are trusted partners in Rockford’s recovery—we are stronger together!” 

Applicants should be creative, demonstrate love for Winnebago County, and celebrate all our community has to offer as we recover from the impact of COVID-19. Visit www.GoRockford.com/OurJourney for more information. 

To view or purchase products visit:

As overview of selection criteria includes:

  • Projects must be based in Winnebago County 
  • All artistic mediums will be considered 
  • Must have public impact (can be digital or via social media) 
  • Happy, uplifting, inspiring and colorful work is encouraged 
  • Absent of any political, social statements or influences 
  • Encouraged to be representative of our entire community 
  • Universal or broad-based appeal 
  • Design and implementation are of high quality and excellence 

About RACVB: RACVB is responsible for promoting the Rockford region as an attractive travel destination and enhancing its public image as a dynamic place to live and work. Through the impact of travel, RACVB strengthens the economic position of the region and provides opportunities for people in our communities. www.gorockford.com 

About RAAC: The Rockford Area Arts Council exists to support, promote, and develop access to the arts for everyone. We are the collective voice of individual artists and arts organizations. We believe in the transformative power of the arts and its ability to set the tone for a city’s creative and cultural infrastructure. www.artsforeveryone.com 

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Nick Povalitis, RACVB Vice President of Marketing & Sports Development, 815.489.1652, npovalitis@gorockford.com