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Asian Restaurants


Whether it's Japanese, Indian, Laotian, Thai or Chinese, you're sure to find the perfect eating spot to curb your craving. Rockford offers plenty of Asian food in a variety of settings. You'll find restaurants with traditional Teppan tables, trendy sushi spots and casual places to grab a quick bite for lunch.

One of the most popular spots to grab traditional sushi is Marc's Fusion Cafe known for their generous portion sizes and out-of-this-world flavors.

Our blogger Gabrielle Torina once had this to say about Marc's: "The sushi bar is front and center; that’s where you’ll find Marc himself pumping out sushi for the entire restaurant. The rolled sushi is where this restaurant just takes things up a notch. You definitely get your money’s worth here; they are absolutely not stingy with their rolls. Some of my personal favorites are the Marc’s Fusion (tuna and cilantro), Krome (tempura eel and crab), the Dragon (eel and avocado) and Hannibal (fried chicken, cilantro, and tomato).

You can't go wrong with Marc's, and the good news is that you have your options of can't-miss Asian food in our region. Don't forget to hit up Kuma's in downtown Rockford, or JMK Nippon or Spider Sushi, as well.

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