Rockford, IL – The Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (RACVB) is thrilled to announce that the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA) has selected the Rockford region to host the National Collegiate Table Tennis Championships from April 3 – 6, 2025 at UW Health Sports Factory.

Over 250 of the best collegiate table tennis players will represent more than 50 colleges and universities competing for National titles in singles, doubles and team events. The competition will feature co-ed and women’s teams, with singles and doubles matches categorized by gender. The participants, aged 17-30, are college student-athletes, comprised of approximately 65 percent men and 35 percent women.

The event is expected to draw 2,000 participants, coaches and fans to the Rockford region providing a substantial boost to the local economy – approximately $479,253 in estimated economic impact.

This event was previously hosted in the Rockford region in 2013. The Rockford region’s reputation as a premier destination for high-profile sporting events helped in securing the bid for 2025.

“After a 12-year hiatus, the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and the UW Health Sports Factory welcome back the 2025 National Collegiate Table Tennis Association. April is a great time of year to positively impact our hotels, restaurants, shopping and attractions, as visitor volume is often lower this time of year,” said Kara Davis, RACVB Senior Sales Manager. “We are very excited to work with Willy Leparulo, President of National Collegiate Table Tennis Association, and his team to host a memorable tournament for athletes to participate in and spectators to enjoy watching.”

The RACVB, along with other community partners, are committed to ensuring that individuals visiting for this tournament enjoy all the region has to offer during their stay.

“We are excited about coming back to Rockford,” NCTTA President Willy Leparulo explained. “The last time we hosted an event in the region was 2013. Having played at the UW Health Sports Factory twice, I know what a great facility it is. We are also very happy to be working with the RACVB team and other community partners. Lastly, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge major player, Ed Hogshead, a master tournament director in all things table tennis. Rockford, IL is also home to his very popular America’s Team Championship held annually. We expect it to be a successful and fun weekend and are looking forward to hosting this event in the Rockford community in April 2025.”

There is no cost to park in the UW Health Sports Factory parking lot and additional municipality parking are available within walking distance of the facility. Single day admission is $10 a person and 3-day or a weekend pass is $20 a person. The public is encouraged to attend.

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A special thank you to sponsor PongSpace for supporting this event.

About NCTTA: The National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA) is a government non-profit organization dedicated to promoting competitive table tennis at the collegiate level in North America (United States, Canada, Puerto Rico). The NCTTA oversees intercollegiate competitions, including regional and national championships. For more information visit

About RACVB: RACVB is responsible for promoting the Rockford region as an attractive travel destination and enhancing its public image as a dynamic place to live and work. Through the impact of travel, RACVB strengthens the economic position of the region and provides opportunities for people in our communities.


Lindsay Arellano, RACVB vice president of sales & service; 815.489.1653;

Willy Leparulo, NCTTA president; 850.445.0780;