Bella Luna Bakery
308 W State St.
Rockford, IL 61101

The leading ladies at Bella Luna Bakery are like your mothers away from home. You could walk into their bakery after a horrible work meeting and leave feeling like you can conquer the world (also like you can shove 10 desserts into your mouth, but who’s counting?). As if their sweet personalities weren’t enough to draw you in, their tasty desserts will definitely keep you coming back for more. I drive past Bella Luna every single day on my way to work and every single day they have a different dessert for you to try. Craving cheesecake? They make Turtle, Peanut Butter Cup, Strawberry Margarita, Eggnog, Mint Chip, as well as several other delicious flavors. Craving cake bites? Good luck choosing just one flavor (I personally love Almond). Craving cookies? I hope you’re a Chicago Cubs and Bears fan (I’m so sorry for your loss if you aren’t). All team loyalties aside… I suppose I should mention that they also bake other types of cookies including but not limited to Swedish Almond Crescents, Potato Chip with Mrs. Fisher’s Chips, and Farmer Cookies. Needless to say, the ladies at Bella Luna are experts at anything and everything when it comes to sweet treats.

Bella Luna Bakery - Sweet Treats

3600 E State St.
Rockford, IL 61107

Sugarjones is the kind of place your food Instagram account dreams about. Between the exciting cupcake flavors (French Toast with Bacon, Cookie Dough, Red Velvet, and Birthday Cake – just to name a few) and the edible sparkles (YOU CAN EAT THE SPARKLES PEOPLE – YOU CAN LITERALLY SPARKLE ON THE INSIDE), what’s not to love? I should mention that they #DONUT stop at the cupcakes… Sugarjones also specializes in cookies, ice cream, cakes, and donuts (their latest addition). I recently had the opportunity to try their donuts and let’s just say I had to renew my gym membership shortly after. Here are a few of their donut flavors: Churro, White Chocolate Raspberry, Boston Cream Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, and Tiramisu. See what I mean by renewing my gym membership? #WORTHIT

P.S. Sugarjones has two locations in town including one on Riverside (in the same shopping center as Blush Nail Lounge and Pho Square) and one on State Street (in the Fairview Shopping Center), so you have absolutely no excuse to not try their sweet treats!

Sugarjones - Sweet Treats

Halo Cupcake
7969 Forest Hills Rd.
Loves Park, IL 61111

If you don’t shed a tear of happiness after looking at this tower of goodness, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore. You may be thinking “man, this girl really loves her cupcakes” and the answer is “yes, I LOVE cupcakes”. HOWEVER, I am a very open and accepting individual and I welcome all kinds of desserts, which is why I love Halo Cupcake. You see, Halo does not limit their talents to JUST cupcakes… They also bake brownies, pies, cookies, bars, and MORE! I look at their Instagram account several times a day (my self-control skills are on a downward spiral these days) and every time I am amazed at the flavors they come up with for their desserts. Between their Creepy Crawler Cupcakes (imagine those dirt cakes with gummy worms that you ate when you were a kid… yep, they turned that into a cupcake), Apple Crisp Cupcakes (#fall), Samoa Cupcakes (if you don’t like this flavor were you even a Girl Scout?), Unicorn Chocolate Bark, Birthday Cake Pops, and Chocolate Hazlenut Cake Pops, there is LITERALLY no chance that you won’t find a flavor and/or dessert that you love at Halo.

Halo Cupcakes - Sweet Treats