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Posts from April 2020

Many of you are probably like us at the RACVB and have been working from home for a while. I'm so grateful that we have the technology to easily stay connected with our team. Since we've been working from home, we (like many other companies) have utilized Zoom to be able to communicate with our staff.

Although...it gets boring looking at the same background every Zoom meeting. Why have your office (or living room, or kitchen...) wall in the background when you can "travel around Rockford" while you're on Zoom?

How to Make a COVID-19 Protective Mask

Thursday, April 23, 2020 4:00 PM by Guest Blogger

This project started when a former student, now working in healthcare, sent me a photo of the paper

We’re all in this together! Never has that felt more evident. Even with major fundraisers, art

Humans have an affinity for nature. We delight in its beauty. We seek it for recreation. But did you