Now is the time to get out and explore the collection of sculptures, murals and memorials that call the Rockford area home. The Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau has created a free mobile passport with over 80 locations in the Rockford region that allows users to check into public art installations in the area for points that are redeemable for prizes.

Sign Up for the Rockford Public Art Trail

To sign up for the Rockford Public Art Trail, click here and select the Sign Up Now link.  Simply submit your first and last name, email address and zip code and you will receive a confirmation email from Go Rockford containing details on how to access your mobile passport.

 Louise Z Mural

Once you have signed up, it is time to explore public art in the Rockford area. To better assist users as they begin the trail here are some helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind for the Rockford Public Art Trail.

RPAT Sign Up

Add Trail to Home Screen

After you have signed up for the trail and have received your confirmation email you can add the passport to your home screen on your mobile device. Upon entering your mobile passport you want to make sure that your current location is being shared to access the map and filter nearby pieces.

Using the Map

Another helpful trick: once you are in the passport you can filter to see what art pieces are near your current location. The map feature in the passport allows users to get directions to each art installation.

Where to Start Exploring

Downtown Rockford is home to many of the murals, sculptures and memorials listed on the Rockford Public Art Trail. Downtown would be a great place to start for users. Many of the art pieces downtown are within walking distance of each other and it is a very convenient way to check-in, collect points and check out art.

Challenge Friends and Family

You can do a challenge with your family and/or a group of friends to see how long it takes everyone to check into ten places on the art trail with pieces in Downtown Rockford. Take a group, take selfies and #rockfordpublicarttratil on social media to see who can check into the most places within a certain timeframe.

Justin Suarez Check-In

How to Check In

Let’s walk through the process on how-to check-in, redeem prizes, and take a journey with the Rockford Public Art Trail. Checking into places on the trail could not be easier. Once you arrive select the mural, sculpture, or memorial from the list. Select the check-in at the mural/sculpture button to confirm your location and check-in to redeem points and collect some cool prizes.

Photo of RPAT Prize

How to Redeem Points

The point system for the Rockford Public Art Trail is each check-in equals 100 total points. Once you have completed five check-ins you can redeem the first prize! In your passport within the Rewards tab, you can see how many points you have collected, the list of prizes available and this is where you will claim your prize. Once your claim a prize users will have the option to get your selected prize shipped to you which will be shipped within 2-4 weeks or pick up your prize at the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau office located at 102 N. Main St in Downtown Rockford. You can save points for different prize levels.

Vibrant Art Scene

The Rockford Public Art Trail helps carry on the tradition of Rockford being an art forward community. There are many beautiful and meaningful works of art that local and visiting artists created throughout our community.  Rockford Public Art Trail allows users to explore a collection of these pieces with over 80 locations already loaded on the trail. Grab your friends and family to get out and embark on the journey that is the Rockford Public Art Trail and be sure to tag #rockfordpublicarttrail on social media.