This project started when a former student, now working in healthcare, sent me a photo of the paper mask she had been given. It was in a brown paper bag and she was told, "to wear the mask until soiled". I was shocked. She asked if I could make something that would cover what she had been given, and hopefully help it last longer.

I started looking mask patterns and at ways to line masks. I learned that a mask becomes less effective when it starts to get wet, and it will the longer it is worn. Non woven, non fusible interfacing is a good moisture barrier, but h100 surgical fabric made by Halyard is better. I was able to order some from a dental supply company. I have been using this as the liner for the masks I am making now.

The biggest surprise for me as I was trying different liners and fabrics was discovering that fusible interfacing is a poor moisture barrier. I thought the fusing would be the perfect barrier, but not only did it smell bad, but it was as if I hadn't used a lining at all. I created a couple of different prototypes using patterns I found on the internet before finding one that worked best. The pleated style was the most comfortable, but took quite awhile to make and a lot of fabric, especially for the ties. The style in the video is simple, uses less fabric, can either have ear pieces, ties, or both, and is quick to sew.