9 Reasons Why Rockford Is Great

              Being away from Rockford during the school year, I’ve definitely heard the saying “there’s no place like home”, but I think if you’re from Rockford the saying resonates with you a little more then it would with anybody else. There is no denying that Rockford is home to lots of unique things, (including the sock monkey!!!!) but there’s just something about the Rockford area that truly does make it home. While I could go on and on about the many reasons why I think Rockford is great, I thought I’d save you some time by including just 9 reasons. (In no particular order, because they’re all great.)

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1.Rock Cut State Park.

Living in the Midwest it’s pretty obvious we don’t get the beautiful mountain views that the other parts of the country get to experience...BUT that doesn’t mean we don’t get some beautiful views over in the 815! Whether it's kayaking, biking, hiking, or just a nice walk Rock Cut is the just the place for that! 

                                Friends at Rock Cut  Rock cut and dog.


2. Rockford City Market

            A SUMMER FAVORITE! Nothing is better than meeting with your friends and family along the river for some really yummy food from awesome vendors, talented performers who entertain with live music, and all around fun! I personally am a huge fan of Lulu’s Roasted Corn in a cup! So yummy!  

                                               City Market Crowd



3. BeefaRoo

        Honestly, need I say more? Nowhere else can you get BeefaRoo cheese fries. Seriously, nowhere else…and the shakes, oh my word. Seriously, the best.  Summer Berry Salad or the Turkey Jack Avocado Sandwich is always my go to! Not to mention the awesome new deals every week! Follow them on Twitter at @beefaroo_IL for promotions and even freebies sometimes!

                                         Beefaroo cheese fries  Beefaroo milkshake



4. Sinnissippi Park Bike Path

           I am in no way fit or incredibly athletic, but I love to run! My favorite spot to run is by far the Sinnissippi Park Bike Path. It is seriously such an underappreciated area and the sunsets I’ve seen while on runs are just so beautiful! Not to mention the gorgeous rose garden and the Conservatory! Awesome gems! 

                                             Sinnissippi Bike Path   Rockford Symbol along Rock River.



5. The Community.

            The community in Rockford is seriously the best. Whether it’s a new event from local organizations, a new local restaurant, or even the ones who already exist, they all come together to bring entertainment and a sense of uniqueness to the city. Nowhere else will you find a community coming together to volunteer and contribute to developing and making the city even better. This sense of community and the big city with a small town feel is really what makes Rockford so great.

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6. Stroll on State

            My favorite event of the year in the Rockford area! The lighting of the tree, the fireworks, hot chocolate and celebrating the best time of the year singing Christmas carols with literally thousands of people from the community is so cool! I mean, who doesn’t love Christmas?!?

                                                             Stroll on State Friends                                                       

                                                             Stroll on State 2016


7. Meg’s Daily Grind

            I’ve worked at Meg’s for the past 3 years as a Barista. I could go on and on about how much I have loved it. Interacting with awesome customers, working with great management and making customers happy with the yummy coffee top the list of reasons to love it! First of all, yes, I am completely biased, but you have to agree that the coffee doesn’t compare to anywhere else in the area. My favorite drink? Iced White Zombie with Hazelnut, and of course whipped cream! Can’t get that anywhere else. You also can’t forget the pistachio muffins!

                                                                                Meg's Daily Grind drinks



8. ShareFest

            “Bringing Help & Hope” Rockford Sharefest seeks to “make an impact for the common good.” For 10 years ShareFest has served the community renovating local schools and improving parks. Thousands of volunteers come out during Sharefest to help in the major makeovers. I love the sense of being able to volunteer with friends and contribute to these makeovers in small but big ways! Seeing the community come together for Sharefest is a beautiful thing. 



9. Family.

         Okay, maybe I lied. Maybe this one tops the whole list. While all these things truly make Rockford “home,” for me, this one definitely does top the list. Seeing my family is always what keeps me keeping home. You can always count on finding those to call family in Rockford, whether they’re related to you or not.




      Rockford is “home” because growing up I’ve gotten to experience all these great things included on the list with the people I get to call my family. I think sometimes I wear my 815 t-shirts too much and take lots of pride what my hometown has to offer and so should you!

What makes Rockford great to you?